Life 7.0

I sat with Eric Clapton while we each ate dinner, I’ve eaten breakfast with Billy Connelly,  had many conversations with Mark Knopfler, one over a Pac Man game, I watched a concert with Robert Plant, said hello to Sting while casually passing in the hallway, been introduced to a drunk Stevie Nicks, passed by a very small Tina Turner as she ran on stage, and later I appeared in one of her videos, I sat at a hotel bar in Australia with Lauren Bacall, David Gilmore winked at me from across the room at the Brown Palace, I hung out at the pool with Chrissy Hynde, I’ve been invited to a party by Michael J Fox, and my fave; saw Bob Dylan in a speedo.  All before I was 25. 

The next 22 years brought me two of the best humans I know; my kids, two marriages, two divorces, one helacious court battle unrelated, endless apartments, one home ownership stint, one bancruptcy, two of my own businesses, now three, broken ribs and bruises and restraining orders, time on stage in my own productions, other people’s productions, tv commercials, hard belly laughing with friends,
3 trips to New York City, one each to Texas, LA, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Florida and Vegas here and there, and I recently had the biggest awakening ever.

I got this.

I’m ready for the next adventure.