Terms of Endearment in Flannel


The cute doctor.


How I wish I looked in the lobby


How I actually look in the lobby. Go figure.

Sitting at the oral surgeons.   My daughter is getting her wisdom teeth removed today. I of course lead a life of leisure and/or grunt work that never calls for me to be in any kind of outfit or cuteness. Oh for my 20′s again.  Where I had purses and matching bra and panty sets.  Actual lingerie. Now I’m happy to just be wearing pants when in public.

My life as James Franco continues…except for the picking up of teens via text.  Damn him.  I did hair this weekend AND rocked the cleaning biz.  AND got a new gig as ‘Chick on the Street’ feature in This publication!!! Wherein I will be putting myself on the street in crazy adventures and Can’t wait to get that going for May.  Our show opened this weekend to well received reactions and much laughter!  

I am also feeling quite Shirley McClain-esque from Terms of Endearment with all her suitors at the table vying for her affections.  Word is out that I am single, much like being in heat must feel; and I’m just riding the wave.  Life is too short to not enjoy the attention and just revel in the love of it all.

Hang tough my fellow warriors…and march on!!